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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 29, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PST

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. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> brr, we're in for it, another cold night, people bundled up in downtown san jose, temperatures in the 30s in some spots and brian it's going to get colder, right? >> down right near freezing in parts of the bay area, current temperatures have sunk in the 30s in concord and livermore and headed in that direction in the north bay as well. cold air sinking south over california, so while it will stay sunny, it will be chilly for the rest of the week. temperatures will bottom out below trezing though -- prezing -- freezing though, tonight in fairfield and santa rosa, above freezing in livermore and fremont and yet a chance of rain, we'll cover that in the
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forecast shortly. all this means especially uncomfortable out by discovery bay tonlt -- tonight, more than 1,000 homes don't have gas, that means no heat. pg & e slowly turning it back on, service turned off because of a mechanical problem. crews going house to house, but if somebody isn't home, they can't restore the service. >> we pretty much bundled up and we were just wearing winter clothes in the house, beanies and jackets. >> and crews are still working to identify the exact cause of the outage, at least check more than 1,100 k -- homes don't have service down 6,200 yesterday. the 500 pound bay seal, caught tht middle for hours -- mt middle for hour can -- in the middle more hours san antonio, in sonoma county, near the sonoma raceway, that's where andria borba is. >> reporter: the mess on highway 37 was made worse by
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that piniped on the loose and for those climbing over the median, stuck in the mud, not far behind me. >> this is not an area where you normally see an elephant seal. >> reporter: yet, there she was, a female elephant seal name named speed bump, the seal was training for the rio olympics, for an event, the piniped hurdles, a slow speed race. >> out the water, attempting to chime over the center divider wall. we were going to try to channel her and divert her around this body of water to get her back in to san pablo bay >> reporter: but guess what? elephant seals handle directions about as well as drivers. >> she was 500 pounds, not wanting to move, and that didn't work out too well for us. >> reporter: infrastructure was no match for her athletic brawn. >> there we go. >> reporter: the elephant seal played hide and seek for hours
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with volunteers from the marine mammal center getting her in the water following her around, until she reemerged from the water like the loch nes ness monster. the elephant seal ended up where she began, stuck in the mud, this time unable to get back on the road without the assistance of high tide. the cold, sticky mud was just too difficult for her to navigate. now, that elephant seal just feet away from the road right now, california hoept highway patrol tells me the marine center will be out here at high tide at 3:00 in the morning, back in to san pablo bay and away from highway 37 before the morning commute begin and she's in real dangerment reporting --. danger. reporting live, andria borba.
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a popular train ride running after eight hurt passengers, in fementon -- felton, the train was going through the redwood forest when passengers felt a jolt, one woman hit her head, she and three others taken to the hospital with minor injuries. first an officer involved shooting then a body in a u-haul, tonight new clues in a bizarre chain of events at the bart station, mark kel why is there tonight, mark? >> reporter: and veronica, still a lot of unanswered questions tonts, why was -- tonight, why was that u-haul in that parking garage, one thing dwoe have tonight, the victim's name. christmas morning and officers spotted something unusual in the parking garage at bart. a man pushing this u-haul, suspicious officerses ran the man's name, 27 -year-old charles goetting, a convicteded felon.
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>> on probation for burglary, narcotics, in possession of a firearm >> reporter: they went to search goetting but they say he had a different plan. >> the officers asked him to put his hands on his head, he reached in his waid -- waist band and got a weapon. >> reporter: one shot in the arm, returning fire, the second officer shot goetting. >> i saw the cops shoot his last bullet, that's all i saw. >> reporter: the shootout over the suspect in custody, police then made a fwrusome -- gruesome discovery inside, the body of charles anderson, not saying how he died, his ties to goetting or how his body ended in a u-haul, only that the victim's last known address was in bay point. still police had said the gun the suspect used was in fact stolen and the license plates on the u-haul truck, switched. live in hayward, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> all righty, mark. this is what's left of a
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berkeley house tonight where a suspected hoarder died in a fire. firefighters say there was so much stuff jammed inside the acton street home, they couldn't get in yesterday. you can see some of the logging scattered here, crews he eventually forced their way in and found a body, thinking the fire was an accident. in menlo park, firefighters are getting help dealing with soaring rising house costs, stipends to help pay their rents, if they live within 30 miles of work, 30 miles 200, 20 is $800 a month and 10 miles up to $1,000. one taigs in concord -- station in concord, prices shot up $.16 this time alone, we're the only ones where drivers are paying more for gas this time last year, what is going on in here's what kpix 5 sharon chin
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fountd -- found out. >> reporter: everybody in california pays for it. drivers nationwide are paying about $2 for a gallon of regular unleaded, that's 30 to $.50 less than last year's holiday season. but in california, we're paying an average $2.83 a gallon, $.16 more than last year. >> california should be paying less, a lot of our refineries are close by. >> reporter: refinery maintenance is part of the problem, according to,breakdown,wubof oneofthem inthebayarea one of them in the bay area, reporting less gasoline because refineries didn't think we'd need it, as a result gallon of premium soared about $.15 in a week to $2.99 a gallon. most people tell us paying up to fill up is just a fact of life. >> we make more here, so, i
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think that's why they kind of gouge us a little bit more in the bay area. >> reporter: tripling numbers made public today show major bay area cities are paying $2.69 to $2.79 a gallon. >> you need gas, you need gas. >> reporter: gas buddy says california gas price may level off to a week, not due to repairs but importing gasoline. in the meantime, expect gas prices to raise 10 to $.15 a gallon in the next few days, in concord, sharon chin, kpix 5. at least -- sorry, go ahead, veronica. >> like he was saying, at least we can find the cheapest web, go to tonight under arrest for a wild car chase, stealing a miss car. henry bagdasarian for taking a police cruiser and hijacking a
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woman. milpitas police say an officer was checking a suspicious van on main street two days before christmas when the suspect got in to the patrol car and sped off. officers used gps to track the car to told oakland road in san jose, where police say he also stole a woman's suv. no charges against police officers in the shooting death of a 12-year-old boy in cleveland. tonight, protesters marched through the streets, blocking traffic and chanting no justice, no peace. today, a grand jury decided not to indict two white police officers who opened fire on tamir rice, who was waving what turned out to be a toy gun in a park. >> simply put, given this perfect storm of human error, the state's miscommunications by all involved that day, the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police. >> the cuyahoga county prosecutor says this enhanced video shows 12-year-old tamir rice was pulling a pellet gun out of his waist band just before he was shot.
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>> either intended to hand it over to the officers or show thep it wasn't a real -- them it wasn't a real gun, but there was no way for them to know that. >> a radio dispatcher was also to blame for not telling the officers the gun may have been fake and that the suspect may have been under age. officer loehmann shot rice within two second of pulling up to the scene with his training officer. the county's public corruption chief says officers are trained to shoot quickly when they believe the suspect may open fire. >> had they known the it was possibly a child and it was possibly a toy, they would have known not to take it so serious and use different tactics. >> there was expectation this would be the upcoming of the grand jury process, but there's nothing like knowing it's real now, and they have to live with
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that. >> the officers are still under restriblth -- restricted duty, the city of cleveland and the department of justice are both doing their own investigation. and coming up, thieves steal christmas from a bunch of hard working san jose is students, wait till you see what total strangers are stepping up tonight. hoverboards fail, if you got one for the holidays, you're going to have to follow some new rules in 72 hours. one bay area,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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could get slapped with a lawsuit. joe vazquez on the pop sta' promotional stun sco city leaders say the bieber in hot water, he could gt slapped with a lawsuit -- get slapd with a lawsuit, the promotional stunt that san francisco city leaders say goes too far. >> reporter: his fame has stretched well beyond his allotted 15 minutes, still justin bieber's name saul over san francisco, here it's on visidero, the hate, at least
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three locations citywide, maybe more, the express purpose -- >> you give me purpose! >> reporter: of promoting a justin bieber album just released last month ♪ you give me purpose! ♪ >> reporter: often marketing campaigns like this use chalk so the ads will be temporary. but in this case it appears they used permanent paint, take a look at this graffiti on howard street south of market, still visible despite several rainstorms. the city attorney says enough is enough. he's fired off a letter to the record company, def jam records threatening a lawsuit unless there's information about the marketing campaign. >> i think corporate america should start following the rule l rules the rest of us follow. >> reporter: and making the city's laws against graffiti like this even tougher, 20 million taxpayer every year for
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graffiti and they often have to pay for the clean up. >> if you're a repeat oechder -- offender, it should be higher but in the couple hundred dollars of violation. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix 5. heart break, the motorhead frontman died in los angeles two days after being diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer. he started motorhead in 1972, the band record td 22 albums over the years including ace of spades, tonight the surviving member are urging fans to have a drink in his memory, he was 70 years old. thief stole christmas from seven san jose students. devin felly fehely found out these aren't just any regular students. >> reporter: gabrielle noticed
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something wrong. >> i noticed a plastic bin left by the door and clothes scattered everywhere. >> reporter: she quickly raeld the house they shared with six other san jose students had been ransacked and gone were the christmas gifts she saved for weeks to buy. >> it really hurt me, all the things i had i bought myself and i worked really hard and just for them to be like, opened up and taken like they're meaningless, just hurts. >> reporter: her roommates suffered similar losses as the thief or thieves methodically made their way through the house. >> i had my bike stolen, my schwinn, my mac book, my uniform, a polaroid camera and a guitar my friend gave me. >> reporter: but as angry and upset they were about the break in, equally amazed by the christmas spirit is and generosity of strangers, who donated more than $8,000 in 24 hours to help them replate the stole -- replace the stolen items. >> they told me nothing
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materially matters as long as i'm okay. >> reporter: still investigating the crime, the roommates tell us officers gathered forensic evidence including fingerprints and possibly dna currently tested. what they say they want most is some basic security upgrades that will prevent someone else from breaking in in the future. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. livermore firefighters and police playing the role of santa after a young girl's mother died if a medical emergency on christmas afternoon. >> yesterday! santa was hoog for -- looking for you, and couldn't find your room. we found it he contacted us, we found the room. >> first responders returned to the home of 6-year-old karma the next day with bags of presents. tonight, they have set up a gofundme page to raise money for funeral expenses. >> wow. in the weather department, you have no doubt heard the
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headline that it is chilly tonight, freeze warnings expired over the weekend, sure feels freezing out there as we look live over san jose and the number under mostly clear skies, san francisco 47, concord 36 awe approach 11:30 tonight, boy, temperatures are just dropping like a set of car keys, 39 in san jose, and it is chilly all this week with high def doppler showing fairly clear conditions but as that cold air sinks south it will remain over the state for the week at least and the rest of the week remains chilly, partly sunny -- mostly sunny, but futurecast bears out that tomorrow looks okay, tomorrow afternoon, mostly clear skies. but, nighttime comes, wednesday arrives and by wednesday afternoon, you see a whole lot of clouds over the bay area and from those clouds we might bring a few drops of rain, it wouldn't amount toch, you have to -- to much, you have to mention a few drops, it means rain if you don't say it, people let you mow when you're a weatherman, some
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fog forming, and then sunny and cool tomorrow, mostly high in to 2015 but again the only wrinkle in all of this is late tuesday, early wednesday especially in the north bay, there could be a few showers. overnight lows tonight, we mentioned them a few minutes ago, but let's review, 31 degrees at santa rosa, santa rafael 36, 30 oakland and 34 livermore, it's a sinch for the highs tomorrow, everybody in the low 50s and that's below average. south bay, low 50s, east bay mostly sunny skies but still struggling to get out of the 50s, in the north bay, bo dega bay and sausalito and up in ukiah, 51, clear lake 53 extended forecast calling for the numbers to stay in the 50s all week slight chance of showers coming in wednesday new year's eve looks nice and cold the next system moves in perhaps late sunday in the bay area weird just like what happened
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yesterday, maybe late at night on sunday few showers we shall see as the day approaches in the meantime enjoy the sunshine tomorrow, veronica? check this out, a rare display of nature in natomas near sacramento. that's really mesmerizing. you're looking what's called a murmuration, large flocks of birds making up this unique flying formation, some driver turned around to watch the spectacle, the question, why do birds do this? scientists say it's to protect themselves from predators like falcons. wow. >> that's extraordinary. >> so cool to see, right? >> and stay away. know everybody who has a hoverboard? tonight, the new state law about to kick in. >> oops. and coming up on the "late show with,,,,,,
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shoppers to evacuate. you c see the board burning in the of a mall.. d hoverboard catches fire at a mall in houston, forcing shoppers to evacuate. you can see the board burning in the middle of that mall, debris all over the place. the fire department says the
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customer had returned the board because it wasn't charging properly, the fire was quickly extinguished, no one luckily was injured. ask -- and fires aren't the only danger from hoverboards. >> countless people of nieing and -- flying and sailing, tumbling with the hoverboard, california has new effects, ouch! oh my goodness, they include requiring all hoverboard riders to wear a helmet. be at least 16 years old and you can't go faster than 15 miles an hour and you can ride them on bike lines, pathways and roads with up to 15 miles an hour >> you shouldn't share the road with cars trying to drive faster than 35 miles an hour, my hometown in alameda, speed limit's 25, that's a great one for riding, bike lines okay. >> hoverboard were a hot item this holiday season, anyone
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violating the rules faces a fine of up to $250. >> yeah, after all that, i don't know. i'll just, i'll pass. >> we need the helmet for your butt. [ laughter ] >> yeah, no kidding. all right, sports. jeff's alma mater, the scheduling gods not kind, mr. curry couldn't watch the game, oracle taking on his brother in the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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home game of the year. in 2015... they only suffered e loss on warriors ground in e regular season the warriors play their last home game of the year in 2015, only suffered one loss on warriors ground in the regular sxaez looking for their 33 regular win against the sacramento kings tonight, news flash, curry was held scoreless for the first 52 minutes of the -- 21 minutes of the game, but omri looked like he hit it to make it 53-44, kings in the 2nd quarter, scoring 23 in the first half, curry caught on fire at the end of the half, he scored 17 in the final three minutes of
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the second quarter to trim an 11 point deficit down to one. early third, kings cousins is ejected, after the ejection, golden state won 15-0 run, thompson's three makes it 76-66 warriors, he led the warriors with 29 totality, later in the quarter, warriors up, curry lob it to andre for the slam, and curry finished with a fresh triple double, the 122-103. steph's college coach [ indiscernible ] bringing his alma mater in to berkeley and fellow freshman down for the dunk, brown scored 17 as the bears cruise 86-80 and they enter pack play, strong conference this year. the sharks back up at the fap center for the first time in almost four weeks, third period leading san jose 43, nate scores the second of his three goals in
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the game, the avs win 63 and the shark are now four and 10 at home in the tank this season. well, reese has only stepped on the field in the silver and blank, now he will not suit up at all for the next four games for testing positive for p.e. dechlt, the raiders team captain no longer to participate in the pro bowl, meanwhile, monday night football and the bronco looking to clinch a playoff win against cincinnati, overtime the broncos leading by three but the bengals with win with a touchdown, unfortunately, aj can't handle the snap and recovered by denver, the broncos win 20-17 in ot, to clinch a playoff spot for the fifth straight year, so congratulations to the bengals that was a good game for monday night football tonight. >> it's cold there. >> yeah, it's cold. 16 degrees. >> that's what i noted. >> what's happening to your cheek, your breath, it's kind of scary. >> very scary. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back. colbert is next.
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our next newscast is
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reprogrammed this highway read, quote: "inland empire supports don folks in southern california, someone reprogrammed this highway sign in corona to read quote inland empire supports donald trump, merry christmas, vote donald trump. cal trans says it has been changed to its original message. >> they did that once in 19th
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avenue in san francisco, it said zombies invade sf so which i said, how can you tell? [ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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